Sinhala බෙහෙත්

I’ve been sick for some time now. No. Wait, I’ve been almost sick for some time now, and believe me, that state of being neither here nor there aint fun. It’s nothing serious really – just a headache and flutterbudget in the chest. I think it’s phlegm. I didn’t go to the doctor for a second opinion […]

10 Things S’Thomas’ College Should Do.

This post was first published on Indi’s site months ago.  College has opened again after the December hols and I thought it appropriate to dig this up. S.Thomas’s College, Mount Lavinia has stood around in the same location for over a hundred years. Here’s what they should do next. traffic Draw up a traffic plan for each […]

How Hard is it to Admit Fault, Ambassador Wickramasuriya?

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the US, Jaliya Wickramasuriya, recently responded to the Crisis Group Report’s assertion that assault on women in Sri Lanka is on the rise. On the one hand, the Ambassador denies the very existence of rape or violence against women in Sri Lanka – “Rapes, this and that not taking any place in Sri Lanka”. On […]

Exam Stress Is Not From The Exam.

Image from the Non Communicable Disease Unit of the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition. Don’t ask me where they got it from!  Im studying at the Open University of Sri Lanka. Management, Economic, Human Geography and my favorite, History. Its alright. The textbooks take pages and pages to describe a simple concept, sometimes going round and round in circles – possibly […]

The Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya? Kalutara? Slave island?

 Rubber trees at the entrance of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya. I was reading through Bitter Berry Bondage – an account of the lives of 19th century coffee workers in Ceylon by Donovan Moldrich the Coordinating Secretary for Plantation Areas in 1989, and learnt that the Royal Botanical Gardens was originally situated in Slave Island, Colombo and […]