We Elect Leaders We Understand

(Tarot from here) Written for this week’s Nation. They say we elect leaders we deserve. I don’t like the tone of it; it reeks of anger, frustration and defeat. I prefer to say we elect leaders we understand; this would, perhaps, explain why we continually allow leaders to let us down. What I am saying, […]

When Diversity Is Made Out To Be Divisive.

Unedited, original version of a piece written for the Nation, in response to this. A few weeks ago, an English language newspaper carried an article written by a Ms. Shenali Waduge, which, sadly, made a) an incorrect and biased analysis of the status of those of the Tamil community, and b) gave reason for the […]

Coffee කතා

Sri Lanka is a tea-drinking and tea-producing country, although we started off with coffee, but that is another, forgotten story. Today’s coffee experience is restricted to shiny cafes in the Colombo 7, with a few exceptions. All of these shiny, American/Italian style cafes offer interestingly varied ambiance, interestingly varied coffee menus and interestingly varied cold […]


I was just at UNLEASHED, a performance by the Deanna School of Dancing. Deanna’s school has been around since the 1980’s (it’s website sez) and although the Free Style Department (headed by Natasha Jayasuriya, Deanna’s younger daughter) is far newer, they’ve produced a number of well received shows in the past – none of which I’ve […]

Vivimarie VanderPoorten. An Interview

Written for Ceylon Today. Vivimarie VanderPoorten is an award-winning Sri Lankan poet. Her first book Nothing Prepares You won the Gratiaen Prize for the best piece of English literary work in Sri Lanka, in 2007. In 2009 she was recipient of a higher honour; the SAARC Poetry Award, which was followed by the publication of […]

Dr. D. L Waidyaratne. An Interview

Written for Ceylon Today. Dr. D.L Waidyaratne MD (USSR), MD (Forensic Science), DLM (Colombo) was recently inducted the 9th President of the College of Forensic Pathologists of Sri Lanka. Ceylon Today met with him to learn of the importance of forensic science in crime-solving, and the challenges faced by the medico-legal community. Q: What are […]