Post A Day #14

iTunes has internet radio options and I also found a swell app in Google Play by the name of  Tune In; as result of which I now have a wide range of music to listen to, all of the time. I haven’t really explored beyond stations that offer varieties of rock music and stations that […]

Post A Day #11

I am expected to read the papers everyday, but honestly, if I were to,  I’d spend half the day doing just that leaving precious little time for actual work. Why do we have so many newspapers? It really is very frustrating. It takes me the entire week to get through the Sunday papers. How on […]

Post A Day #10

Further musings on the subject of forgiveness; and this is running pretty far with the idea; it occurred to me today that by wanting a person who hurt you to suffer in retribution, you are only increasing the chances of that person hurting other people rather than not. Comprehend? Shall I put it this way then. […]