Idea #Fail

Triad has come up with this on behalf of Exide Battery. Ilango Ram directed the shoot and he’s done a great job. I’ve worked with Ilango before (I appeared in a Coca Cola TVC for all of 3 seconds :p) and know him to be a conscientious fella, and that fact is obvious if you view the ad (click and open in a new tab); the visuals are clean and pretty and shot well.

It’s just that the ad itself is pretty shitty – and this is not Ilango’s fault. Directors and Producers are never included in the creative process – that right belongs exclusively to the agency. The Director or Producer is given the agency/client approved script down the line; after all the haggling and counter-haggling between the two parties is concluded; and is expected to execute it, none else.

But really, what agency could come up with shite like this? and really, what client would allow or want shite like this?  There is absolutely None whatsoever. Good looking guy, former Miss. Sri Lanka girl, cute kids, an Exide mug, and a third wheel.



3 thoughts on “Idea #Fail

  1. ……and even then we didn’t get it. LOL. Such a pity too, dude, cos it’s been shot so well. I was so disappointed.

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