Innovative Abans

The neighbourhood I live in is pretty clean. I lived in Dehiwala before this and it was dump, what with cow-poop, dog-poop, other indiscernible kinds of poop, and lots of dead animals. But Mount is cool, it’s almost as cool as Colpetty which was where I was born and where lived most my life.

Although Mount Lavinia lies on the boundaries of Colombo and only just past a highly congested Dehiwala, there’s space for gardens and flowers and ponds and greenery and parrots and storky-birds and fish in drains and even occasional snakes.

There is also no garbage on the streets.

That is, until the Abans guys began to collect all the garbage from the homes down the street I live in and pile them – for convenience sake, theirs not ours – at the top of the road. Now we’ve got a cheery pile of mouldy coconut scrapings, old shoes, tin cans and a shabby old Teddy Bear to add to natures unbridled beauty.

Don’t ya jus love this country.


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