Coffee කතා

Sri Lanka is a tea-drinking and tea-producing country, although we started off with coffee, but that is another, forgotten story.

Today’s coffee experience is restricted to shiny cafes in the Colombo 7, with a few exceptions.

All of these shiny, American/Italian style cafes offer interestingly varied ambiance, interestingly varied coffee menus and interestingly varied cold food, but none of them serve great coffee. No really, not one.

Then we have good old Nescafe – available easily all over island, in piping hot white plastic cups, from machines on which girls in red T’s smile white teeth attractively and invitingly, (No, guys don’t endorse coffee here) but Nescafe, we all know, is not really good coffee.

And then there is the third variety – ගෙදර කොපී; muddy brown in colour, yummy to taste but hard to get unless you have a mommy or a maid in the house. You can’t just open a sachet and dunk this one in hot water, you have to measure out coffee into a jug, steep it in boiling water, strain the contents into another jug blah blah washing up, washing up, washing up.

But this third variety of coffee is definitely the best. The most popular brand is Harischandra, but of late I’ve been buying Island coffee – because this brand now comes simply flavoured and is so much yummier; I’ve had caramel and vanilla so far, and ginger is the next to be tasted.

Coffee-shops serving ගෙදර කොපී, just the way we like it methinks, would really be a far more attractive and appealing option in Colombo. Open Kopi Kade Style.


4 thoughts on “Coffee කතා

    1. Hello. Hansa was the ‘few exceptions’ I was referring to! Tried their cold coffee once and loved it, but the ‘milk coffee’ I tried a few days ago was too milky – bleugh. Hansa wins hands down when it comes to ambiance though.

  1. I think this really comes down to personal preference. I avoid Harischandra like the plague. Usually have Bru at home, but some of my friends hate that. Definitely love the machine Nescafe though. And the coffee shop coffee has been a bit of a hit and miss thing. I’ve had the occasional drinks that are good, but usually they are too milky or to sweet to hit the spot.

    1. Hello John! Yep, it comes down to personal preference. I, like some of your friends, detest Bru…will have Nescafe when desperate…and enjoy Harischandra….:D but agree totally that Coffee Shop coffee is a hit and miss thing. Really think when it comes to coffee and tea we should style our own cafes rather than imitate and fail.

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