We Elect Leaders We Understand

(Tarot from here) Written for this week’s Nation. They say we elect leaders we deserve. I don’t like the tone of it; it reeks of anger, frustration and defeat. I prefer to say we elect leaders we understand; this would, perhaps, explain why we continually allow leaders to let us down. What I am saying, […]

When Diversity Is Made Out To Be Divisive.

Unedited, original version of a piece written for the Nation, in response to this. A few weeks ago, an English language newspaper carried an article written by a Ms. Shenali Waduge, which, sadly, made a) an incorrect and biased analysis of the status of those of the Tamil community, and b) gave reason for the […]

Coffee කතා

Sri Lanka is a tea-drinking and tea-producing country, although we started off with coffee, but that is another, forgotten story. Today’s coffee experience is restricted to shiny cafes in the Colombo 7, with a few exceptions. All of these shiny, American/Italian style cafes offer interestingly varied ambiance, interestingly varied coffee menus and interestingly varied cold […]